Parasprite Invaders


You are controlling an unicorn's horn, and your goal is to get rid of the parasprites, which is naturally done by shooting them.

This is an asteroids-like game. I didn't have much else to do in the last weekend of my spring break, so programming a new game was probably the best way to be productive. The game was indeed not my idea. I saw this modification, Parasprite Invaders, of a laser asteroids game, which was made by the user Masterpj555 on youtube (also known as Laserpon3). It looked laser-pony-fun-tastic so I decided to make a Parasprite Invaders [Java game].

Source code, program, and images can be downloaded here. The program is written from scratch in Java.

Created by CakeGravy. You can watch demonstrations on my channel that also contains links to my other games at


Press the left and right arrow keys to rotate the unicorns horn. Press the up arrow key to use thrust. Press space bar to shoot. Press r to pause the game or restart it, when the game is over. The score multiplier is incrementet for each parasprite you hit, but it is reset when you miss. You lose a brohoof when you bumb into parasprites, but if you score enough points you may obtain a brohoof! Here: Let me give you four extra brohoofs to start with. Also, I really suggest you put this on repeat while you're playing: